Be the representative of your campus

QikPik Student Ambassador Program is a platforms for students who are passionate about their community to work for causes which are beneficial for the student community.
QikPik helps students to order their prints while sitting at home and to pick up when ready. We are a young Singapore based startup brand looking to work with energetic, ambitious and yet, empathetic, students. Our ambassadors help us in spreading the word about QikPik in their student community and in identifying non-profit projects to fund with the money we earn from each print order from their campus.

Who should join?

If you are an ambitious and energetic student with a generous amount of empathy, in your second year or third year bachelors at any college in India.

Why you should join?

Work with a brand new startup working in your town and be plugged into the Open Streetmap Community from around the world

Become a leader in your campus and help fund socially relevant projects in your student community

Be a leader for the Open Streetmap community in your college

Join a diverse network of student leaders

Work with a brand new startup working in your town and be plugged into the Open Streetmap Community from around the world

What will you do?

You will help us reach out to your student community

Identify socially relevant projects to fund

Be the face of QikPik on your campus

Organise Open Streetmap mapping parties and other events hosted by QikPik in your campus

Build relationship with faculty and other student groups in your college

Help QikPik better understand your college culture

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Who is eligible to apply?

If you are a student at an accredited University in India and have completed your first year studies at your college, you are eligible. It doesn’t matter whether you have written your first year tests.

How long is this program?

This program is for one full academic year.

How much of a time commitment will be expected?

It varies from student to student, but we would like a commitment of 5–10 hours a month.

How will I learn how to be an ambassador?

We will be conducting an induction program for all selected student ambassadors and will teach you how to be successful student ambassadors.

Will I get paid for being a QikPik Student Ambassador?

Though this isn’t a paid job, our student ambassadors get free QikPik credits and opportunity to showcase leadership and network with the Open Streetmap community. Our separate paid vendor partnership roles are open to suitably qualified students - special consideration will be given to the applications of QikPik Student Ambassadors who apply to be a vendor partner.

Will the program help on internship and job applications?

Being a student ambassador showcases your leadership, technical abilities, communication skills and initiative, all of which will help you stand out from the crowd. It will also be a conduit to exercise the empathetic and mindful side of your brain - which are soft criteria that are becoming increasingly important for outstanding careers in the industry.

Will this lead to a job?

You will gain valuable experience and a connection with the company, but this is not a direct path to employment. You will have to apply for a job when there is an opening and go through our induction stream. We tend to meet our future employees via events that we conduct - for example Hackathons or Mapping parties. Being a student ambassador you will be directly plugged into our event schedule and thus be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

There is already a student ambassador at my school. Can I still apply?

We are looking for gender diverse representation in each college. If your college has only one QikPik student ambassador of one gender, you are welcome to apply if you are not of that gender.