QikPik™ is hosting an online mapathon for the OpenStreetMap mapping community in India to promote neighborhood mappers.

Where: https://bit.ly/qikpikmp2-telegram

When:  14 Nov - 21 November 2020

To participate and contribute to organising this event, please see the OpenStreetMap Wiki Page here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/India/Events/Neighbourhood_mapping_party_-_QikPik

If you would like to get in touch with us, please click here: https://bit.ly/qikpikmp2-telegram


There is no formal schedule. Every day, we meet online at 6pm to discuss our neighbourhood mapping progress and compare notes.

The call details will be shared on the telegram channel. (See above)

Final day of mapathon

TBD - talks by community members on the experience and benefits of neighbourhood mapping

Please keep your Saturday (21 November, 2020) calendar free! We'll likely start at 11am.

community enablers

Please feel free to reach out to the people here, if you want help with organising your neighbourhood mapping activity.

Please see the full list of mentors here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/India/Events/Neighbourhood_mapping_party_-_QikPik#Map_Mentors

Do please join the Telegram group

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"Ark" Arjun

OSM: Mentor

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Arun Ganesh

OSM: Advisor

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Hima Bindu

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Jaisen Nedumpala

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Manoj Karingamadathil

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Naveen Francis

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Sainath Reddy

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Sowmya Nayani



FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • What is a mapping party? Why should i participate?
    A mapping party is an open social event to get together while making free and open maps of our surroundings. The event is largely attended by the volunteer mapping community of the OpenStreetMap project to build an open map of the world together. https://osmlab.github.io/show-me-the-way/ You can get introduced to the world of mapping, meet other members of the open mapping+ free software communities and learn how to build the most detailed map of your neighborhood in the world. https://osm.org/go/znlw7RPEX--https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mapping_Weekend_Howto 

  • What is the OpenStreetMap project and why do we need an open map of the world?
    It is a global volunteer led effort to make the most accurate street map of the world that is free and open to use by anyone. These maps are commonly used for humanitarian purposes like disaster response floods and earthquakes, as well as popular services like Apple Maps, Wikipedia, Facebook, Snapchat, Weather.com, Booking.com, Pokemon Go, Microsoft Flight Simulator and many more https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Major_OpenStreetMap_Consumers

  • Who is QikPik ? Why are they hosting this event?
    QikPik™ is a hyperlocal startup brand looking to engage with students and FOSS communities. They are hosting this mapping party as part of this engagement. QikPik is working hard to improve hyperlocal application of technology, in retail. Improving neighbourhood maps thus provides them with better data for this, as well as the opportunity to engage local neighbourhood mappers directly as paid partners. For more information about paid partner roles, please see: https://qikpik.store/#partners 

  • Is this a community or commercial event?
    The mapping party is completely led by experienced members of the OpenStreetMap India mapping community. The event host is QikPik who will promote and launch the event, and will be responsible for sponsoring goodies for the best contributors nominated by the mapping community. 

  • Who is eligible to participate? Is it free?
    Anyone who has a smartphone or laptop with a 3G internet connection can participate. No prior knowledge of mapping is needed. There are no costs to participate and the event is completely free. 

  • Where can i register? Is there limited capacity?
    You can register by clicking the signup button at https://qikpik.store/osm-neighbourhood-mapping-party/#signup

  • My experience with mapping is limited, will any training be provided?
    Yes, we will have a 1 hour training session with experienced mappers from the OpenStreetMap India community that will cover both basic and advanced topics. What and where are we mapping? You are free to map any feature in your home neighborhood that you have local knowledge of or have personally surveyed. It is prohibited to copy from any other map or data source without an OSM compatible license https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/ODbL_Compatibility 

  • Who is an "Advisor"? Who is a "Mentor"? How can I become a community enabler?
    An Advisor for this event is an experienced member of the OSM India community who is willing to answer questions on behalf of the community. If you feel like you are an advisor, please tell us on the Telegram Channel.

    A Mentor for this event is an experienced OSM contributor who is willing to help organise the activities in the schedule and mentor new contributors during the event weekend. Mentors are expectod to have a minimum of 50 OSM contributions and familiarity with the OSM wiki.

    Advisors and Mentors are community enablers who help make this event happen!
    Please reach out to us on the Telegram Channel, and please indicate your interest when you signup.

  • Will we get paid for mapping buildings and POIs?
    No, but there will be a community run mapping contest with a chance to win goodies sponsored by the event host QikPik. Details of paid mapping opportunities https://qikpik.store/#partners will be shared by the event host during the launch session, but this is not part of the mapping party. 

  • Do we need to actually go outdoor or is this via satellite imagery?
    Your health is priority and going outdoors for a field survey is not recomended unless your neighborhood COVID risk is minimal and you can practice safe social distancing. Mapping can be done without leaving your home using your local knowledge. (What about rural settings (with low covid risk) and folks with bandwidth caps ? ) 

  • Is it safe during COVID?
    It is completely safe since you can contribute without leaving your home. 

  • What tools do we need for mapping?
    At minimum, a smartphone with a 3G internet connection will be needed. For improving large amounts of existing map data, a larger screen of a laptop or tablet is recommended. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Editors

  • Can i contribute if i have a low bandwidth internet connection? How much data will this activity consum?
    A minimum of a 3G connection is recommended. Data consumption could vary between 50Mb to 500Mb for both the live video sessions and the mapping activities. 

  • Can mapping be done offline?
    Yes, but you will need to download the data offline to your device first and use an editor that supports offline editing https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Using_OpenStreetMap_offline#Contributing_to_OpenStreetMap

  • Will I be mapping for QikPik?
    No. QikPik is only hosting and enabling the OSM community to improve its neighbourhood mapping initiative. QikPik partners may contribute to OSM neighbourhood mapping as part of their job - but this is entirely outside of the scope of the mapping party itself. In short, you will be mapping for yourself, in your own neighbourhood. 

  • Can we edit in and around restricted areas?
    No,we will be very cautious while working in areas like military, Airports ,country boundaries.Few can be identified using landuse tag .


Email post@qikpik.store