Tired of queueing up at the print shop waiting for a bunch of prints to finish before you can pickup yours ? What if you could pre-order your prints, so you could pick them up on your way ? QikPik helps you do just that!


Would you like to make a good steady income by partnering with us part time? Do you communicate well with young people? If so, please use the form to apply to be a Marketing Partner with us!

If your application passes, we will connect you with one of our senior partners, who will coach you on how to use our platform to become a successful QikPik Marketing Partner. 

If you are a college student you can opt to be a Student Ambassador Partner at your college!

Do you care that someone near your college doesn't have money to buy books for their children? Or is suffering from a long illness which needs medical attention but have no money? Or any situation where compassionate intervention will make a difference to someone? 

As a Student Ambassador, you will be responsible for making key decisions to utilise your partner revenue, for cases like the above, after consulting with your fellow students and QikPik.

QikPik student ambassadors are outstanding, compassionate individuals, who are role models in their college environment, both in Academics and in social life. If you think you fit the bill, please use the form to apply!


Developers - stay tuned for upcoming API announcements and more!

September 2020:

Mappers - OSM Neighbourhood Mapping Party! Map your neighbourhood with your friends and colleagues!

See: Mapping Page

Past Events:

August 2020:

Students - Just announced - QikPik Monsoon Opensource Hackathons - Learn how to be a frontend developer in 48hrs!

See: Hackathon Page

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